About Our Ministries

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION is provided at 9:00 AM on Sundays September through May for all ages, including an adult forum.

Other educational activities include a Study Group which meets Thursdays at 10:00 AM at the church and an Evening Study Group, which meets on Mondays at 7:00 PM at the church.

The High School age young adults are invited to attend Leadership Lab in July, while the High School and Junior High students gather on the Second Sunday each month for a youth activity.

MUSIC   We have a wonderful choir. The Choir Director is Susan Shoemaker and the choir usually practices at 7:00 PM every Wednesday from September through May. Members also volunteer to sing the liturgy during worship.

FELLOWSHIP ACTIVITIES   After worship each Sunday a coffee hour is hosted by members of the congregation. Coffee, juice, snacks and often cookies are provided while folks visit, talk, share their joys and sorrows, and often make plans to do something with others in the church later on in the week. In 2016 Trinity began having "Fifth Fundays." Four times a year (on the 5th Sunday of any month), all generations of the congregation are invited to participate in a fellowship activity.
Annually someone in the congregation has volunteered to host a Super Bowl gathering.

Our Local Ministry

  • Salvation Army -- Food contributions, ring the bell at Christmas time
  • Mosaic -- Providing Christmas gifts for residents
  • The Samaritan Well -- Clothing, toy and food donations
  • Habitat for Humanity -- Financial support and participation in program
  • WIRC Victim Services
  • Make the church available to local groups -- Rock Club, Fortnightly Club, XXMD Club, Altrusa Board, and even weekly violin lessons

Our World-Wide Ministry 

  • Providing books and tapes to Prison Ministry
  • Work through Lutheran World Relief to provide funds and supplies to areas that have experienced a disaster
  • Lutheran World Relief Kits (school, health, layettes, soap)
  • Project Peanut Butter
  • Take up monthly offering for World Hunger
  • Heifer Project

Trinity offers a wide variety of activities and programs through which a membership may grow spiritually, express their faith, and provide service to others in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. If there is something you would like to participate in that is listed above, welcome, come and join us. Should there be something you would like to do that is not listed on this page, please contact us to see if we do provide ministry in that area but have failed to list it.

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