History of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Early Years 1871 - 1885

The first Lutheran church in McDonough County was formed on April 7, 1871. It was known as the Mount Pisgah congregation, and met at the Jerusalem Chapel, three miles northwest of Bardolph. The Rev. G. H. Schnurr of Bushnell led the congregation.

In 1875, several members from the Mount Pisgah church met with several families from Macomb, and formed a new congregation known as Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. The members purchased the old Congregational Church building located at 123 South Campbell Street, which had been built in 1859. The purchase price was $600, and an additional $400 was spent on repairs. This building housed the congregation until construction of a new brick building in 1929 (see photos below). The old church structure was moved to the back of the lot, and served as a Parsonage and Sunday School classroom until being torn down in 1972 to allow for expansion of the existing church building.

The Middle Years 1930 - 1972

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Recent Years 1972 - 2006

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The photo below was taken in the summer or fall of 1929.

The photo below was taken around October, 1929.

The photo below was taken in November, 1929

The photo below was taken in July, 1930


Taken from History of McDonough County, Illinois, 1885

In this county the first organization was effected April 7, 1871 by the Rev. G. H. Schnurr, who located at Bushnell at that time. This organization took place at the Jerusalem chapel, three miles northwest of Bardolph, and was known as the Mount Pisgah congregation. In the space of a few years several families having removed from the neighborhood of Jerusalem chapel to the vicinity of Macomb, the question of transfer of the congregation to Macomb was agitated. The proper arrangements having been made, a meeting for that purpose took place at the Cumberland Presbyterian church in Macomb, January 11, 1875, where the congregation re-organized under the name and title of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church.

At the time of this re-institution and establishment of Trinity church a constitution was adopted according to the usage of the church: Charles Kline, C. H. Rahe, Matilda Rahe, Charles Filbert, Charles Rost, Christian Senn, Elizabeth Senn, H. W. Ferster, Lydia Filbert, Carrie Clarke, Helen A. Swana, A. P. Swana, Andrew Haynes, D. M. Crabb, Helen Crabb, Heinrich Hadem, Mrs. H. Hadem, David McNelly, Cal. McNelly, Daniel R. Ferster, Lydia Ferster, Albert Hosler, Susan Hosler.

The congregation purchased the old Congregational church edifice and repaired it, at a total cost of about $1,000, and dedicated it anew as a place of divine worship. The church was under the ministry of Rev. G. H. Schnurr until April, 1879, when the pulpit became vacant, and so remained until July 16 of the same year, when Rev. William Rosenstingel assumed the pastorate. He continued at this post until February 15, 1880, when he was succeeded by Rev. S. E. Smith. In April, 1882, it became pastorless, and remained so until the following November, on the 12th of which month the Rev. Professor E. F. Bartholomew, of Carthage, assumed charge, and served one year. When his time had expired the church extended a call to Rev. A. R. Height, of Fairview, Fulton county. He accepted it, and is serving as pastor at the present writing (1885).

History of McDonough County, Illinois, 1885, Centinental Historical Co., Springfield, Illinois
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The following article was published on December 26, 1929, in an unknown newspaper:

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